LatnBadBoyz Model Hugo Jaimes

As popular of a model as he became Hugo became a household name and once he officially signed onto LatnBadBoyz and he got more exposure the fans recognized him where ever he went. He told us about being recognized in the grocery store by the cashiers and when we was at a restaurant having dinner. Hugo is a great guy he was very humble and he energized the other models to pump it up for their fans. We will miss Hugo and his fans already do. Hugo decided it was time to hang up his modeling shoes for love! He found a woman that captured his heart and he wants to focus all his attention on making his new relationship work. We wish him well and hope his lady keeps him happy for there are thousands of women who would love to see him come back to modeling. Hugo we wish you all the best and thanks for the memories in Puerto Rico and Cancun and especially Las Vegas. You are one hell of a model and a great guy all around, not to mention anything with your image sells out quick!! Congrats on your new relationship and we all here at LatnBadBoyz wish you the very very best!!

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