This is the one Model that landed LatnBadBoyz full center in the craze of all the women wanting that Sexy Fireman and we flew him in from Las Vegas to Long Beach to the studio and turned up the music in the studio and this Brazillian shaked his hips better than Ricky Martin!! His full name is Diego Nunes and he currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada and he was a good friend of the owner Ruben from the Myspace days and he asked him if he would show off his rock hard cement abs and throw on his Fireman Uniform and do a photo shoot and he agreed.

The Fans went crazy and began asking for a calendar of him and of course how could we say no? He became our first model that gained us much notarity on social media as he whipped out his long hose and tried to cool us down but only made that studio about catch on fire, since that photo shoot we have remained great friends with Diego and hope in the near future to do more photos of that Sexy Brazilian Man and share him with all of his fans!! Thank you Diego for sharing them washboard abs with us and starting a fire that since then we have not been able to put out!! Do you think you can whip out your long hose once again and tease the fans in the near future??

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