Latin Artist "KASUALTY'

We came accross this Sexy Chicano once we received his photo and began featuring him on our pages and come to find out he is a Singer, Song Writter, Rapper and he goes by the name "KASUALTY" we had to listen to his music and find out more about the man behind the photo. He would converse with Ruben the owner on FaceBook and soon he was tapped to be one of our latest and Sexiest Chicano to be added to our collection of Sexy LatnBadBoyz and you can see why!

In person we would describe Kasualty as a very quiet kind of guy and very polite, we kind of expected different since he is a musican but we soon found out his populartiy did not go to his sexy bald head.

He has 3 music CD's that you can find him on Itunes and preview his music and you will see just like we did that he is not only a pretty face and a sexy body he can sing too! Kasualty sings a variety of music from Rap to Bachata and even Reggaeton and currently is about to drop his first full spanish CD...Stay Tuned for LatnBadBoyz will bring you the news!!! This guy is very talentend and LBB stands behind him 100% and we would never steer our fans wrong and this guy is a hit so check him out!!

Here are some links to things related to that sexy pelon Kasualty:


Thank you Kasualty for allowing us to personally photograph you and make you a part of the LatnBadBoyz Family and Introducting us to your Music, we look forward to supporting you in the future and hearing more music from you!!

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